Lospalos Coconut Oil

This unique coconut oil is from the lush, beautiful island of Timor Leste.

Lospalos Coconut Oil is a sustainable and ethical business that provides Timorese women an opportunity to empower themselves through employment. By producing oil in remote rural areas, Lospalos also creates a market for local subsistence farmers who formerly had no way of earning money from their coconuts.

The oil is completely handmade and cold pressed. The “Protein Haze” or cloudiness you see is due to minimal filtration to keep it raw, unrefined and as natural as possible. Just the way nature intended.

From the lush hills of Lospalos Timor Leste

Located in Lautem, the most eastern region of Timor-Leste, and situated on a high plain above the ocean is the town of Lospalos.

The region is home to the Fataluku people, is well known for rice production, wood carvings and woven baskets, but more importantly it has one of the highest concentrations of coconuts per square meter in the country.
This combined with substantial rainfall make it the perfect place to produce virgin coconut oil.

Empowering women in remote communities

We address income disparity by employing women directly in the factory at Lopalos and to purchase local coconuts daily from small-scale producers who have limited access to markets.

Empowering women economically makes business sense. According to long standing market research in the micro-financing industry, women generally make better use of money, are better at repaying loans, and are underestimated in the labour market.