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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Australia

Our goal is to raise remote villages in Timor-Leste out of poverty using the humble coconut.

There are more coconut palms in Timor than, well people, And they’re not being used. Seriously.. coconuts are going to waste!

This is where we come in. We find the remotest regions in Timor. We setup our small-scale coconut oil factory, which uses minimal resources to run, and we make oil! Right there on the spot.

No sending coconuts to the city for processing. It all happens where the nuts are harvested. Keeping jobs and employment right there!

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Why Women?

Women generally make better use of limited finances, spending 80-90% of their income on supporting their families.
It’s a remarkable transformation to witness a steady income for rural women in Timor-Leste by exporting organic virgin coconut oil from their village to Australia.
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