It has been a long road full of challenges as Lospalos makes history as the first company to export cold pressed coconut oil from Timor-Leste. Witnessing the remarkable impact on the community, the change made to the lives of rural Timorese women and the joy around the village of Souro makes it all worthwhile. 

We are proud to now be distributing our virgin coconut oil Australia-wide. You can grab yourself a jar from our online store. With free shipping on orders over $150, there’s no better time nor an easier way to make a difference to rural Timorese women.

Benefits of Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

The benefits of organic cold pressed coconut oil are countless. To name just a few of its wondrous properties, three benefits of Lospalos coconut oil are: 

  1. It is rich in heart-healthy fatty acids;
  2. It has a higher antioxidant content than refined coconut oil;
  3. It is additive-free. 

The benefits don’t just pertain to your health. Most importantly, when you choose Lospalos organic cold pressed coconut oil, you help to empower women in rural Rimorese in Timor-Leste and contribute to a positive flow-on-effect for families and the wider community. 

Ways to Use Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Our cold pressed virgin coconut oil is incredibly flavoursome and versatile. Thanks to its high smoking point, it can be used in place of olive oil when cooking savoury dishes or in place of butter in baked sweet treats. Alternatively, coconut oil creates a deliciously creamy texture when added to smoothies, juices and raw desserts, and works well as the base for salad dressings. Once you make the switch to using Lospalos in your kitchen, you won’t want to go back!

The benefits of organic cold pressed coconut oil don’t stop there. If you make your own 

skincare and soap products, are interested in doing so, or are a natural cosmetics manufacturer, then coconut oil is your best friend. Our cold pressed virgin coconut oil can be used for everything, from homemade toothpaste and cleansers to shampoo bars and lip balm. There are no limits to the toxic-free and chemical-free products that you can create with our cold pressed coconut oil.